Posted on October 20, 2014  

Today, 33 years ago, on 20 October 1981, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi inaugurated the Maharishi Purusha Program in Arosa, Switzerland. Happy Anniversary to all Purusha!

Posted on October 16, 2012  

"The Maharishi Purusha Program is the most profound and extraordinary experience of my life, because for the first time I have the real possibility to focus only on myself and my spiritual development. In Purusha's routine everything is designed to accomplish all your desires of happiness and serenity, and simultaneously to make a great contribution to the world's peace and harmony, and these are really the two best and most precious things you can do in your life. Therefore, if you are thinking to change your life, or to have a new and different experience, even for a short period, join the Maharishi Purusha Program as soon is possible."

Simone, young Italian Purusha.